• Nylofume® Pack Liner
  • Nylofume® Pack Liner
  • Nylofume® Pack Liner

Nylofume® Pack Liner

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Ultralight, waterproof, and tougher than a rubbish bag - Nylofume® pack liners are the ultimate solution for keeping your gear dry and protected against water and moisture.

Weighing just 26 grams and made from a clear nylon film, these liners are lightweight yet exceptionally tough

Sealing the liner is simple: twist, fold over, and secure with a rubber band, or fold over several times for a looser seal. 

Use one liner for all your gear or multiple liners to keep your sleeping bag, clothes, and food separate and dry.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Odour-resistant barrier
  • Tougher than rubbish bags
  • Ultralight - approximately 26 grams
  • Fits most lightweight packs, but can be cut down if necessary. 

  • Weight: 26 g (approx)
  • Dimensions (flat): 50.8 x 94 cm
  • Volume: 50 L (approx)