• Wild Magazine #189

Wild Magazine #189

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Wild #189, Spring 2023 is going to be an awesome issue. For starters, check out that cover! Adventure may be synonymous with the outdoors, but the real game is not so much outside us as within, especially when it comes to fear. In our cover story, Blue Mountains climbing guide Anzhela Malysheva tackles the subject head on, and gives fear itself a lyrical, thoughtful and brave appraisal. On the subject of overcoming fear, there’s also this issue’s profile. Titled ‘Doing it Scared Together’, it’s a look at Melinda Oogjes and Paul Pritchard. Readers might remember Paul, who became a hemiplegic after a climbing injury, from the beautiful piece he wrote in Wild a few issues back. Well, this piece is just as beautiful, only this time it’s not written by him, nor is it only about him; instead it’s a profile on his relationship with his loving partner Melinda. It’s a moving, touching piece, one I’m sure readers will enjoy.